Joint workshop with SiKoMi at the conference on disaster prevention

Within the framework of the Disaster Reduction Conference, which took place in Berlin on 28/29 October 2019, the German Red Cross (DRK) and the University of Wuppertal, which is heading the research project “Security Cooperation and Migration (SiKoMi)”, also funded by the BMBF, offered a joint workshop titled “Cooperation and Knowledge Management using the Example of the Refugee Situation 2015/16”. Small groups discussed the topics of “Cooperation with civil society actors and actors in health care” and “Needs and requirements for knowledge management for emergency task forces”. Due to the large number of tasks involved the cooperation with civil society actors in the context of the refugee situation 2015/16 was very helpful and also necessary for the DRK as well as other aid organisations, despite the resulting challenges (e.g. with regard to organisational hierarchies, procedures). Furthermore, cooperation with these organisations in some places helped to reduce prejudices against refugees and fostered a better understanding of their situation.

The discussions have also shown that for successful cooperation with civil society and other actors as well as for successful (inter-organisational) knowledge management, clear contact persons/communication and continuous networking are necessary not only in times of crisis. Knowledge and structures produced in refugee aid must be further examined in order to make them usable for future missions.

Quelle: DRK 2019

Workshop with SiKoMi